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Logistics Services
A Custom Solution Requires A Customizable Process
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Deufol Asia is a global premium service provider for packaging and related service.

Custom Solutions To Your Market

Whether you need a simple pallet, crate or even a complete Industrial packaging center in or close to your premises/factory, Deufol can provide you a turn key solution in order to meet and exceed you and your customer /receivers expectation. Keeping in mind your bottom line…

  • Export & Industrial Packaging
  • Logistic Services
  • IT solutions
  • Consulting & Engineering & Design
  • Alternative Packaging

Export & Industrial Packaging

When you partner with Deufol, you work with the world’s largest collection of engineers, facilities, and staff focused on industrial packaging.

With more than 3000 employees worldwide, Deufol is ready to solve your toughest crating and export challenges.

  • Heavy Cargo & Industrial Parts
  • Preservation & Reusable Packaging
  • Climate & Element Control - Rust & Water Proof
  • Container Storage and stuffing
  • Sea & Air Freight packaging and transport
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Logistic Services

A Custom Solution Requires A Customizable Process

Stocking parts and products may seem simple, but as you likely know, it can be very complex. That becomes especially true as your company and your operations grow. The larger the project, the more pieces to manage. Without a system in place, the entire process can become unwieldy, obtuse, and inefficient.

That’s where Deufol comes in. We have over 200.000 sqm of global warehouse space to store your industrial parts and products. We also have the ability to expand and even co-locate so we can meet your geographic and scheduling needs.

Our third party logistics warehouse services include:

  • Mobile scanning data entry for goods receipts, stock movement & issues.
  • Picking & put-away strategies for rack, floor, climate control, refrigeration & carousel.
  • Stock management at the batch and SLED control levels
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IT Solutions

Software customized to help you manage your business with less capital, labor & distraction. Having faced challenges around the world Deufol excels at creating custom programming & software to fit any scale project specifications. Globally Tracking & Managing Over 230 Million Pieces Each Year!

  • VV Industrial Packaging Software
  • Box CAD
  • SAP - Integrations
  • Photo Documentation
  • Custom Application Available
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Consulting & Engineering & Design

Design & Engineering Services

Deufol Global engineering department (US, EU and China) with over 80 years of combined experience in the consumer & industrial goods packaging and automotive industries, Deufol's engineering and design team is here to help you solve tough problems.

Beginning with the capability to design new products or to help you improve existing products, all factors of your project will be reviewed and analyzed. Once the design is finalized, Deufol can engineer prototype tooling for testing purposes, and then the equipment, tooling and automation for production. To ensure the equipment and design meet customer and market expections, Deufol's team will complete validation and acceptance testing.

  • Packaging design & engineering (cardboard / blistering/manipulation)
  • 2D Layout planning (AutoCad) / 3D Mechanical design(Inventor)
  • Strength calculation
  • Design of metal & 3D printed parts & constructions
  • Industrial Maintenance Services
  • Industrial Machinery Moving Solutions
  • Installation Services
  • General Project Coördination
  • Process analysis & Optimization
  • Cost Saving Implementation projects
  • Industrial Goods Packaging & Moving of Installations
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Alternative Packaging

Deufol experience in multi industries and its multi material engineering solutions capabilities we can select and combine packaging materials to build the most appropriate solution for any type of cargo to be transported.

Our in-house engineering teams design and test solutions in

  • wood
  • plywood
  • corrugated
  • plastic
  • steel
  • any combinations of these
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Deufol Global Locations

We operate all over the world with our international projects and network of subsidiaries.
93 Deufol offices in 11 countries work to ensure that every order for every customer is smoothly processed.

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Asia network with more than 10 operations in 7 countries.

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Deufol Global Capabilities

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