Providing Engineering Services that Focus on Solutions to Improve the Status Quo.

As a full-service packaging provider, even if the only thing you need is equipment and automation Deufol can provide turn-key solutions for machines, production lines & tooling solutions.

Deufol has built and is operating over 33 custom production lines that are designed and managed in-house by engineers and programmers. Whether you need a hand packing line or fully automated solution, we will help meet your market demands with respect to cost and time with a custom built line just for you.

Mechanical Design & Engineering Services

  • Packaging design & engineering (cardboard / blistering/manipulation)
  • 2D Layout planning (AutoCad) / 3D Mechanical design(Inventor)
  • Strength calculation
  • Design of metal & 3D printed parts & constructions
  • Industrial Goods Packaging & Moving of Installations

Production Services

  • Cold cutting: manual & semi automatic cutting of beams
  • Hot cutting: plasma cutting
  • Welding: different welding systems of the last generation
  • Drilling: manual & semi automatic drilling
  • Painting
  • Metal folding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Metal painting
  • Construction & Assembly

Maintenance Services

  • Industrial Maintenance Services
  • Industrial Machinery Moving Solutions
  • Installation Services
  • General Project Coördination
  • Process analysis & Optimization
  • Cost Saving Implementation projects

Consultancy Services

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Building a detailed scope of works for tendering purposes
  • Managing the tender process and analyzing the responses
  • Recommendation of experienced builders and contractors
  • Preparation of the contract documentation
  • Technical supervision of the project throughout the completion of the works
  • Preparation of defects lists prior to completion