Crating & Export. Safely & Securely Handled.

No matter the size, whether it is a single machine or a whole industrial plant, the packaging and storage solutions for your project need to address the bigger picture and be designed to get your products from A to B in perfect condition as scheduled and required.

Because your requirements are very different, each solution is too. Whether you need packaging for heavy cargo, an industrial plant, or long-term packaging with preservation systems, our solutions are tailored to your specific product and requirements. These solutions are adapted to the climate and static conditions in which they will be exposed to during transport; and even special requirements in the destination country.

Protect your investment and insure production schedules that you and your team have worked countless hours on are met. Through a global network, complete pre-production and production services of kitting, crating & export, Deufol has the experience & technology to customize your next industrial packaging process & solution.

  • Export & Industrial Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Supply Chains
  • Global Pack Center
  • IT Solutions

Crating & Export

Through a global network, complete pre-production and production services of kitting, crating & export, Deufol has the experience & technology to customize your next industrial packaging process & solution.

  • Heavy Cargo & Industrial Parts
  • Preservation & Reusable Packaging
  • Climate & Element Control - Rust & Water Proof
  • Container Storage
  • Breakbulk
  • Custom Skidding
  • Sea & Air Freight
  • Hazardous Goods Handling
  • Materials
  • Nuts & Bolts to 10,000 lb Pieces
  • Stainless Steel
  • Corrugated Container-board, Paperboard and Fiberboard
  • Wood: Plywood, OSB and QSB, Durelis
  • Plastic: Bottles & Containers, Heavy-duty Shrink-Wrap
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Reach a new level of supply chain management with custom technology & programming for complete logistic transparency.
Storing your unpacked goods at Deufol allows you to consolidate both the storage, packaging and loading / container stuffing operations.
Ensuring that your cargoes are handled by professionals from receipt all the way to vessel loading

  • Suzhou
  • 5000 SQM packaging and storage area with heavy lift capabilities.
  • Shanghai
  • 10000 SQM packaging and storage area with heavy lift capabilities
  • Taicang
  • 3000 Sqm packaging and storage area with heavy lift capabilities
  • Yantai
  • 4000 Sqm packaging and strorage area with heavy lift capabilities
  • Short term storage solutions available in
  • Tianjin
  • Dalian
  • Shenzhen
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Supply Chains

Everything, Everywhere, In Time

Focus your time and efforts on your core competency, maintaining and improving, and do not let your supply chain or location limit your project and solutions. Deufol's team across the globe has the scale and supply chain management experience to solve your toughest packaging challenges.

  • 93 Operations in 11 Countries!
  • Inbound & Outbound Material Logistics
  • Automation & Cooperative System Integration
  • Speed and Flexibility in Manufacturing
  • On Location Kitting & Fulfillment of Production Requirements
  • Integrated & Customizable Programming & Technology Across Operations
  • Project Management & Documentation
  • Quality Process Development & Controls
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Global Industrial Packaging Solutions

Total transparency….even when your materials are a world away.

You have multiple suppliers shipping materials and products from numerous locations in China. The shipments need to arrive at your facilities in the U.S., Europe, or perhaps somewhere else in the world. They need to be packaged to meet your high quality standards and they need to arrive on schedule.

How do you manage the flow of your materials across multiple continents, through different time zones, and still ensure that your quality and scheduling standards are being met?

With Deufol’s global industrial packaging solutions, you can have your own eyes and ears on the ground when your materials are packaged, transported, and even received at their final destination. We offer locations through China, Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world to meet your changing supply chain demands.

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China Locations

Strength in Industrial Packaging

Deufol crafted a custom metal dome crating solution to account for all the transportation variables for a 600K-800K lb generator, that has a market value around $10-15 million, via rail through precise planning to ensure the integrity of the equipment.
With in-house crating design & custom programming solutions, Deufol is ready for quick turn crating production solutions with appropriate sequencing & container stuffing to meet changing demands of your project.
It is critical to know where all of the parts & pieces for your project are in the production process. By integrating custom programming solutions, such as Deufol’s VV with SAP, you gain unparalleled visibility before, during or after production.
As some industrial packaging projects are quite large in scale they require packaging services near their facilities. In 2014 DeufolMeilink Yantai opened a dedicated facility for a Manufactering company just across the fence.

Material and types of packaging