Reach a new level of supply chain management with custom technology & programming for complete logistic transparency.
With well suited storage available and expandable, Deufol can provide tracking and tracing for any piece in your industrial packaging

We design custom process. every time.

  • Warehouse services, storage planning, storage management
  • Spare part logistics and packaging
  • Transport organization
  • Customs and document management
  • Contract logistics
  • Container storage
  • Kitting
  • Sequencing
  • In-house outsourcing
  • Material procurement, production, after-production service
  • Tracking and tracing process
  • Facility services
  • Picking & Packing


Reach a new level of supply chain management with custom technology & programming for complete logistic transparency.
Storing your unpacked goods at Deufol allows you to consolidate both the storage, packaging and loading / container stuffing operations.
Ensuring that your cargoes are handled by professionals from receipt all the way to vessel loading.

Spare Parts Management

A properly managed supply of spare parts and materials can make a significant contribution to profitability, not only through its role in the minimization of downtime losses but also (and not unimportantly) through the minimization of the costs of acquiring and holding the inventory of spares itself.

Deufol Solutions include

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our inbound logistics and VMI solutions ensure a continuous supply of raw materials fully supports your production line so you can focus on core business objectives.

Sub-Assembly and Kitting

Our solutions include BOM assembling, , picking and sorting, kitting and sequencing and more. We reduce depreciation risks by pushing back final assembly, packaging preparation and related marketing materials to a point that is closer to your end-user.

Spare and Service Parts Logistics

Sophisticated logistics management for spare and service parts including optimised inventory levels, service and spare parts kitting, quality inspection, maintenance and so on.

Container Loading

SOLAS Container weight verification

Container loading is subject to more and more stringent rules , not only global but also subject to changing regulations at spefic ports a cross the globe.
Deufol is familiar with all regulations and will assist you as a shipper in ensuring that your load , your shipment, your container complies with the transport mode chose and the final destination.

Flat rack Loading

All the proper globally accredited buckes and straps are used for all your flat rack shipments ensuring a hastle free and smooth acceptance by shipping line and receiving ports alike.

Transport & Coordination &Shipping

Deufol freight forwarding and Transport department can coordinate your project through our experienced supply chain managers and global network of shipping partners. Deufol Asia has cooperation agreements with all of your Class A forwarders in China

  • Trucking / Domestic
  • Airfreight
  • Seafreight
  • Breakbulk
  • Project shipments